Varsity Team Dinners

Back in 1974, legendary Deptford head football coach, Joe Corbi started a tradition of holding “Friday Night Dinners” for his varsity football team.

These dinners were a new concept for the time and were the result of Coach Corbi’s knowledge of Deptford’s diverse social-economical  population.  Coach Corbi knew many of his players were going to bed hungry and not eating breakfast prior to Saturday morning games.  So, he wanted to make sure his players had something in their stomachs for game time.   Coach Corbi being of Italian decent only knew one food that would stick with his players well into the next day and that was PASTA and lots of it!   If you ask some of the alumni from the early years, they will confirm they had every form of pasta imaginable – spaghetti, linguine, ziti, rigatoni, macaroni.  And when Coach Corbi felt the dinners were getting stale and needed a change he would add meatballs or sausage to the menu.  But these dinners did more than feed empty stomachs.  They created a sense of family amongst his players despite cultural and socio-economical differences.  They were and still are the foundation of Our Spartan Family.

The Deptford High School Football Booster Club continues this tradition today.  With the addition of lights at Spartan Stadium, our games are now played on Friday nights.  So our dinners are now called “Thursday Night Dinners.”  The dinners are still held in the high school cafeteria at 6:00PM sharp!  Coach Corbi wouldn’t want have it any other way.  The following are the dates of the Team Dinners for the coming 2016 football season: .

If you would like to participate, help, donate items for the dinners or would like to serve on the meals committee, please contact the chairperson of the Meals Committee, Antonia Chapman.  Any and all participation, help or donation is greatly appreciated.  GO SPARTANS!!!